Making an Authentic Mexican Pozole Soup

Making an Authentic Mexican Pozole Soup

Garlic to taste
3 Kilos of Fresh Large White Sweet Corn (Maize)
1/2 a Kilo of Pork on the Bone
2 Large Onions
1 Kilo of Boneless Chopped Pork

  • First step is Wash the maize, and put it into a large metal stock pot together with one onion, the squeezed garlic (to taste), and enough water to cover. Place the stock pot on a high gas flame for about one hour, checking so as not to allow the water to boil dry. Put both the boneless pork, and the pork on the bone into the stock pot (add more water if necessary). Continue cooking on a high flame for a further two hours, until the pork is completely cooked together with the maize. Half of an hour before the cooking time has finished, add three or four large pinches of salt (to taste).
  • And then, The maize should be soft when it is chewed (pre-cooked tinned maize will cook a lot quicker, so the cooking time will need to be adjusted, if used).
  • And then, visit for full instruction :

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