The Juicing Recipes Energy, Detox, Fast and Weight Loss

High Protein Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts

I have always been skinny and gaining lean muscle mass has always been a problem. Even though there are many protein products (powder, shakes, bars, etc.) available in the stores, I have always been skeptic about consuming too much of the athletes’ engineered proteins as many of them contain way too many chemicals with benefits... read more →

Papaya Smoothie Recipes

Papayas can be found in the supermarkets all year long. However, the peak season falls between early summer and fall. Fruits purchased during the summer are the sweetest and juiciest, with savory tropical flavor that makes them a perfect ingredient for refreshing papaya smoothie recipes. Most of the papayas in the USA are imported and... read more →

Health Benefits of Kale

Health benefits of kale are abundant. Kale is a cruciferous vegetable that is fast gaining popularity in the world of¬†health and fitness. Why? It is considered a nutrition powerhouse and is recognized for its amazing nutritional value, health benefits, and delicious flavor. Health experts recommend increasing intake of natural, unprocessed vegetables, but adding kale in... read more →